Festival Brasil em Covent Garden

Festival Brasil em Covent Garden

Comemore a cultura brasileira no Festival Basil em Covent Garden na próxima terça-feira 23 junho com a Festa Junina Guanabara. O festival inclui música de Forró Junina, caipirinha e tira-gosto brasileiros incluindo milho verde, salsichão e pão de queijo.

O evento acontecerá no bar Guanabara, Parker Street WC2

Telefone de contato: 020 7242 8600

Guanabara Festa Junina

Brazilian Festival em Covent Garden

Celebrate the Brazilian culture at the annual Brazil’s festival in Covent Garden on Tuesday 23 June with Guanabara’s Festa Junina venue. There will be lots of dancing along forró music, accompanied by traditional Brazilian snacks such as sausage skewers, corn on the cob and cheese bread.

If you like dancing it is worth having a go. The forró music has a relaxing and exciting rhythm.

The venue will take place at Guanabara, Parker Street, WC2

Contact details: 020 7242 8600

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